Gallons and Half gallons out of stock.

One gallon injectors and Half gallons are out of stock. It will be several weeks before they are back in stock. If you order one I will ship it out as soon as they come in. Note it will be several weeks before they come in. I expect them to be in around the last week of April. Check out our dealers they should have them in stock.

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Chop’s Full Power Injector System!

You asked now here it is!

This is the new Full Power Chop’s Power Injector System.

120 volts of injecting power!

After months of testing and tweaking we have done it! As Dr Frankenstein would say “IT’S ALIVE!!!!!” We sent the prototype to The Q39 restaurant to be tested in the harshest possible ways. It injected everyday 40 to 70 briskets. So we are sure it can handle what you want it to.

The Full Power system comes with 3 sets of needles the original 14 gauge 2″ needles, 3″ 12 gauge needles, 2.25″ 11.5 closed tip needles, metal needle adapters, 6 foot of removable injector hose, a removable 4 foot pick up tube with a strainer, 3 plug screws, and the needle protector. All of the hoses detach for storage inside the stainless steel box.

This Injector was designed to shoot liquid style injection. It had been made with food safety in mind although almost every part as been NSF approved the unit itself has not be been sent for NSF approval.


I will put the buy now via Paypal here you can also order via email and I will send an invoice. Please allow 2 days of build time. All orders will be shipped via 3 day usps.

$300.00 plus shipping.

Thanks Chop!

Here are the other Injectors and spare parts.

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Chop’s Power Injector the Commercial!

The Store is Up and Running! Check it out here!!

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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The Store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Store is Up and Running! Check it out here!!

We have been working to expand our product line! We have added a new store! We have gotten hold of some of the best Injections and rubs the world has ever seen and we will have more soon!

The Store is Up and Running! Check it out here!!

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After HOURS of work I figured out that this ” was making making my PayPal Buttons not work… So I have fixed it and here you go! Use the pull down select what you want then add to cart you will be able to add products on the next page by clicking Continue Shopping!

We will ship the next day in most cases if you bought it in the afternoon.

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Chop’s Power Injector System Top 5 in BBQ Products Of The Year!!

The National BBQ Association Held their conference in March 2014 and we entered Chop’s Power Injector Systems in the BBQ product of the year! Well after months of waiting we had our name called and we got 5th place BBQ tool! We had a blast!



Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Buy an Injector or needles or accessories NOW!

I changed the format of the PayPal buttons so it’s easy to add more than one item! Here is how click on the item you want click add to cart when it takes you to PayPal click on Continue Shopping to add another item! It’s that easy! I recommend getting an injector and 12 Gauge needles!

If you don’t shop with PayPal Contact me and we can work it out. Customer service is our #1 priority no question to small!

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Chop’s Power Injector System! Where to Buy?

Well the last couple of months have been busy busy! So I figured I would let you know where to go to get your paws on the best Injector on the planet! Like our page here and follow the Injectors and find out whats new first! Roll your mouse over the FaceBook icon on the top right side of the screen to get there!

Current Dealers for Chop’s Power Injector Products!

Smoker Builder Southern Missouri

The Kansas City BBQ Store

BBQ Addicts Online

The Kansas City BBQ Source North Kansas City

World Champ Sweet Swine O’Mine Distributors

Ace Hardware Of Houston Lake and Woodlands Texas

BBQ Super Stars

Ceramic Grill Works Pittsburgh

Quetopia BBQ Minnesota

All Things BBQ Kansas

Butchers BBQ Oklahoma

Smoke N Fire South Kansas City

BBQ Island Tempe AZ

Charcoal And More Indiana


Barbeque Kansas City LLC

On Amazon Search for Chop’s Power Injector and you will find of our products. I am working on getting all the links together. Search for these:

You can always contact us at <~~~ We are looking for dealers in all 50 states!

Buy it here buy it now you know you want it!!!!!!!!

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Chop’s Power Injector System! Now taking orders!!!

For the last couple of years I have been working an idea… How can I make my food better and how can I make my food prep faster.

So after thinking about it and tons of research I developed Chop’s Power Injection System! It was such a great product I patented it! Yes it is PATENT PENDING!!

Click on pictures for a larger view.

The tank holds up to a 1/2 Gallon of your favorite injection fluid. It has FOUR large bore needles spaced out at the perfect distance.

Out of the box you will find the Injector fully assembled all you have to do is clean it with HOT soapy water and bleach. Then flush it with clean hot water until all the soap and bleach is gone! (Make sure you do this before and after EACH use)

When your ready to inject, fill your injector at least a 1/4 full with your injection, pump up, and pull the trigger! You will notice whatever you are injecting will quickly start to expand as if you are filling a football with air!!! That’s POWER!

Introductory Pricing $100.00 Plus Shipping Contact us at (continental US)

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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Old Ugly BBQ Trailer Build!

I really wanted to get a trailer that could house all my BBQ cooking and competition stuff all in one place. I just didn’t have the funds to go out and get one that was done. So I looked and looked craigslist ebay everywhere finally I found one that was in my price range. It was listed on ebay classifieds. It was just a few hours away so after a little email haggling. I got him down on his price.

I found a home built 1960’s enclosed trailer. I loaded the wife and kids up and drove 3 hours away to “take a closer look”. When I got up to it It was not the prettiest trailer I have ever seen but I could see what I wanted. I pointed out all the problems and talked him down another hundred…

There is not any dry wall in there! I am trying not to add weight till I have to add weight… It is 1/4″ coroplast or signboard. I got it at cost from a sign shop. It is plastic cardboard very easy to use and light. It cuts with a knife. I used a lot of it in model airplanes and so on.

This is what I have done so far.


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