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I am BACK!

Well you may ask where I have been… BUSY! We (Barbeque Kansas City also know as Chop Quey) have been cooking a lot! Our summer in review the short version; We started a competition Barbeque Team Chop Quey and went … Continue reading

Some Updates!

I had a few minutes to work out some updates today. #1 I got rid of the drop ship Barbecue Kansas City Store! Why you ask? I really don’t think it work liked we need it to… I have a … Continue reading

One of the best BBQ videos!

Phil Vassar’s Random Grillin’ Tips from Phil Vassar

You want to start BBQin’ but don’t know want to Que on…

So summer is right around the corner and you are looking for a grill or a smoker but you don’t know what you want… Hopefully here you can find the answer! I received this question via email.  He asked;  “Dan, … Continue reading

You Love BBQ, But (S)he Does Not…

This question was posed to me via an email from a reader.  It went like this. Dan, I love barbeque but my spouse does not. Where can we go to both be happy? This was a simple short question. Not … Continue reading