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Discount Sale on Everything!!

Here we go, I have been pounding on these keys for days, to bring you some of the best deals I can find. I am passing them on to you! I have discounted everything–almost to My COST! These are some … Continue reading

A Real Estore for Barbeque Kansas City!

Welcome to Barbecue Kansas City! The Store! <~~~ Click There!! I will be adding stuff and working on but if you find something you can’t live without BUY IT HERE!! CHOP!!

BarbeQue Kansas City Accessory Store Now Open!!

We have opened a STORE!! Did you hear me?!?! WE HAVE OPENED A STORE!! I have it set up on our Facebook fan site for now and we are working hard to bring it to the main site here at … Continue reading

Don’t forget!

As I add more content, I want you to remember that this page is not the only page we have to offer on Barbecue Kansas City! At the bottom of the page there is a next page button.  There are … Continue reading

Behold: The Smokenator 1000!

After the last week of running around remodeling the kitchen and getting ready for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I now have a little bit more time to write some posts. After the party, my father-in-law said “Come in here, I … Continue reading

You want to start BBQin’ but don’t know want to Que on…

So summer is right around the corner and you are looking for a grill or a smoker but you don’t know what you want… Hopefully here you can find the answer! I received this question via email.  He asked;  “Dan, … Continue reading

I have been reading and learning!

I having been working on putting together some information for all you out there! Below you will find some GREAT downloadable books that will help bring your cooking to the next level! Competition Bbq Secrets! A barbecue instruction manual for … Continue reading

THE LIST. All the Barbeque in Kansas City & the metro area!

There are many reasons Kansas City is the Barbeque capitol of the world and here they are:  100+ BBQ restaurants!  And we have the best!  Do you not agree? So, you want to eat good Que but you don’t know where … Continue reading

We came, we saw, WE ATE!! Smoke in the Spring recap.

So, we loaded up at the end of last week and drove out to the Smoke in the Spring BBQ Contest in Osage City, Kansas. After we arrived, we bought around $20 dollars of BBQ Bucks and walked around. They … Continue reading

You Love BBQ, But (S)he Does Not…

This question was posed to me via an email from a reader.  It went like this. Dan, I love barbeque but my spouse does not. Where can we go to both be happy? This was a simple short question. Not … Continue reading