Review: Schloegel’s WoodYard Bar-B-Que

I have had some good Q in my day. But, this place was great! “Subtle” is a good way to say everything about it.

Here’s why we went to WoodYard Bar-B-Que. I needed wood and I live in Kansas City. I did a Google search and up pops WoodYard… I called some friends and they said I should go to WoodYard to buy smoker wood. Ok, since I am smoking 20 something pounds of Corned beef tomorrow–why not?

 So I loaded my wife and kids up and we headed out to the WoodYard. And we were hungry!  So, on the way out I remembered seeing WoodYard on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” so I told my wife and she agreed: Let’s Eat! Yes, that’s right, you can eat AND get smoker logs, big bags of chunks of Oak, Hickory, Apple, Pecan, Pear, Peach, and Cherry for smoking, as well as Oak and Piñon for your fireplace and chiminea AND: you can eat and eat–we did!

First off, it is a cool place with a few tables inside and a lot of tables outside! They know what they are doing, too.  I had a combo: a chicken leg, a pile of brisket, some sausage, and a pair of ribs, a big roll and a side of cheesy corn for just under $10. It was really good, lightly smoked and lightly seasoned with sauce on the side. It was just the fix we needed! My wife had a burnt end sandwich with potato salad and cheesy corn. I think she liked it because she told me about 20 times while she was eating it! I tried it– she was right it was really good…

If you are looking around for wood and some place to eat, stop by:  you will not be sorry!

WoodYard’s Website

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