Project: My “Chop House” BBQ Trailer!

So, for the last few years I have been cooking here and there for the guys and girls at work–50 or so hungry people, and for friends and family–a 100 or so more hungry people.  Then there was a rib-eye banquet…and so on. I needed a trailer rig on a SUPER tight budget!  This is what I came up with and since my nickname is Chop, my wife and I named it “The Chop House.”

I started with a trailer my Dad loaned me (but now it seems like I may be getting him a new one because it is not going to be easy getting this thing apart!).  

Any questions?  Leave me a comment! Take a look at the pictures below click on them to make them bigger!

I started with a Harbor Freight Trailer that Dad "loaned" me.

I built a top out of 2x3's and plastic roofing from Home Depot.

figuring out placement of the smoker and weber

added a folding counter top out of a $5 wire shelf and added folding roof wings!

Skirting around the outside

Roof wings down


Cooking out and about!


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