Corned Beef: It’s what’s for dinner! Contact me if you want some!

So, I fired up the Brinkman off set smoker on Friday (yesterday) on “The Chop House Trailer” in the back yard. I cooked all day long.  The meat of the day was corned beef (yummy!). Corned beef to me brings me back to a half dozen years ago when I was first learning how to use the smoker.  My best friend, who had worked at Zarda’s BBQ for a few years, showed me how to do it. The first thing we cooked then was  corned beef. I didn’t know anything back then (and I still may not know much!) but I do make some good food!   (And this page made it to the first page of Google!)

I started by cleaning my entire cooking area the day before (The Chop House needed a bath!).  I also did a seasoning burn in the smoker with an oil wipe down.

Then I started a fire at 8am. I used my Weber charcoal chimney on my Weber Performer Grill. Since it has the propane starter on it, it makes starting the fire super easy–but you can use a few pages of news paper to get it fired up!

Next, after the coals were white on top, I poured them on top of some non-burning hunks of charcoal.

Then I prepped the meat.  Since it’s: “I like the taste of the corn beef the way it comes”–I just opened the package and put the spice pack on it and moved on to the next one. 9 packages later, I was ready.

I put the meat on the smoker starting at the far left, then to the right.  But since the fire box is wide open and hot, I only cover about 2/3’s of the cooking surface.  (Note: I can’t wait to finish my big smoker! 6,000 square inches!)  I did add the center rack and it worked out great for three of the briskets–they finished first…

The Start... 9 Corned Beefs with a little space to the far right.

I only opened the smoker to take this picture. Keep from peeking. Heat recovery is a time killer! This was about the half way point.

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