Review: Ritter’s Barbeque and Catering

Ritter’s Barbeque and Catering 6709 Raytown Road Raytown MO 64133 816-356-6342. On the corner of 67th and Raytown Road. Cost under $10 per meal.

I know what you’re thinking… Barbeque Kansas City should mean Kansas City barbecue but Kansas City bbq is sold all around K.C.. So here we are at another GREAT Barbecue Joint!

As my wife and I were heading home from the Kansas City Zoo, we needed food! So I said “let’s try a new place.” She agreed and we went to Ritter’s Barbeque and Catering.

As we drove into the parking lot, I remembered my first job some 17 years in the same building! At that time it was City Fish and it was OK but nothing compared to the slow smoked goodness that I got this visit!

I ordered the 1/2 pound 1/2 brisket and 1/2 pulled pork sandwich and a side of the cheesy potato bake. The sandwich was wonderful: lightly seasoned and lightly smoked and the texture was melt in your mouth perfectly done! My wife had the 1/2 pound pulled pork sandwich, cheesy potato bake, and potato salad.  She really liked it!

They used their Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauces.  We tried the “Original Competition” and the “KC Sweet.”  I really liked both. I can’t wait to go back and try their “Spicy Chipotle.”

I got the chance to talk with the owners. I think I may have just made two friends! And they may be able to help me make my Barbeque award winning! They could not have been nicer. I talked to them for a short while and had to run because I had left my tired wife and sleeping kids waiting in the car! But, I can’t wait to go back and talk with them and hear stories of past American Royals gone by… and to have some more of there food!

So, stop in at Ritter’s Barbeque and Catering in Raytown–you will be full and happy!


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