Barbeque Kansas City! Going live this week!

We have big plans this upcoming week.  The Barbecue Kansas City crew (my wife and kids…maybe the neighbor kid) are going out and about! Great barbeque is on tap for the week! I will be running around town to those “I haven’t heard of that place” places! and I will be bringing the information back to you!

Join us at the end of the week (Friday).  We will be hanging out at the Smokin’ on Big Creek STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in Pleasant Hill, MO. Starts: 04/01/2011 Ends: 04/02/2011

We will be going to some of the equipment places around town…like where to get your next backyard smoker or maybe even your next competition smoker!  The “where to find the stuff you need” places!

The how-to series is going to go in to full swing. I will start at the beginning with “how-to use a charcoal chimney”!  SO:  follow BarbequeKansasCity on YouTube! I may even get back to work on my competition smoker!

I think I am going to take the how-to one step further by offering “smoking that meat” classes! Are you just starting out and want to learn how-to smoke meat one-on-one, or with a couple of people? Small classes=small $20 fee… just to cover costs. I will answer all your questions to the best of my ability…and if you really stump me, I’ll find you the answers!

Twitter: I will do as many “where we are at” updates as I can handle! Follow @BarbequeKC

Youtube: Tune in to BarbequeKansasCity for helpful how to videos!

And, last but not least, our FaceBook Fan page.   Hit “Like” and get the latest up-to-date news and reviews from the site!

Who’s in?  Let’s hang out!


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