Barbeque Kansas City live! Headed out! To The Kansas City BBQ Store!

The Kansas City BBQ Store 11946 South Strang Line Road Olathe, KS 66062 (913) 782-5171

I highly recommend that you go to The Kansas City Barbecue Store if you need anything! They have tons of Sauces, Rubs, Accessories, Equipment, Smokers, Grill, and Parts. I talked with the staff for quite a while about smokers and cooking…a little about competition and a little of this and that. The prices seemed to be right on–in fact, a little lower than I expected!

So it seems this trip was a good idea!

I picked up a product to test out this upcoming weekend for some Pulled Pork! I will just keep you in the dark about what I got until I am ready! I’m looking forward to including it (and more) since I need content for the site!

The Store sits right next door to Oklahoma Joe’s, so GET some food and pick up some stuff to MAKE some food!

Where am I going  tomorrow?


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