Barbeque Kansas City! We made it out and about–and met some GREAT people!

We were heading to Parkville and, as we were about halfway there, I asked my wife if she was hungry (I knew the answer.) At the time we were in North Kansas City, MO–close to good BBQ! 

I remembered seeing a little place on a Food Channel show–maybe you’ve watched it too, “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” with Guy Fieri.

The place is Smokin Guns BBQ & Catering, 1218 Swift Avenue Kansas City, MO 64116 (816) 221-2535.

As we sat and ate lunch, all I have to say is “I am impressed!”  I ordered the Combo with Burnt ends, three Ribs, Baked Beans, and Potato Bake.  First I took a bite of a not-so-burnt, Burnt end… Oh my!”  This was one of the most tender, tasty chunks of beef I have had in a while! The ribs were really good, too. Their potato bake was AWESOME! The beans were good.

My wife had turkey on white bread and rings. I tried the turkey, it was moist and tasty. I will go back for that!

We both agreed the sauce was great! This was my wife’s most favorite sauce we’ve tried so far.  I really didn’t taste much smoke, but I don’t think it  needed any more either since it was SO good!

Only two little negatives…they need some light music in the background.  It was very quiet in the restaurant.  I almost felt like we should whisper to each other…I guess that would make it more romantic–but a little jazz or something light would have solved the problem.  Second, I wish there was a little less salt in the rub–don’t get me wrong:  I love salt…just a little, tiny bit less. I did notice the sauce takes away the seasoning salt taste.

Let me know when you’ve been there…the forum awaits you!


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