Product Testing: Weber Performer Grill

This is one of the best Weber setups out there in my opinion! And since I have one of the best wife’s out there she bought me this grill for my birthday!
I have used my Weber Performer Grill for the past few years from cooking a couple of hot dogs to cooking over 100 burgers, steaks, ribs, drunken chicken, corned beef and more.
The easy to use propane starter, to the pull out charcoal container. It also has a very large cooking area that has trap doors on the ends so you can put wood chunks or chips on the coals with out having to remove the entire cooking grill!
I also use mine as an indirect smoker by pushing all the coals to one side of the coal rack and adding wood to the coals through one of the trap doors.
It has good wheels that make it very easy to move it around the yard or to load it up to cook where ever I want!
Did I forget to mention it has a table built right on it!! It is so nice to have the perfect size work area or for just holding a frosty cold beverage while you smell the smokey goodness!
So if you are looking for a great grill/smoker get one you will love it!

The picture is a link.

To all the Barbeque, Smoker, Rub, Sauce, and accessory manufacturers contact me and I will be more than willing to test and review your products like this!

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