Pork Pullin’ Plowboys take the win!

So we went to our first BBQ contest as Barbeque Kansas City.  It was  at the Smokin’ On Big Creek Pleasant Hill BBQ contest! What a great time!  We got the chance to help out the People’s Choice Contest. We were volunteer servers and helped set up. We also helped eat some of the people’s choice pulled pork and chicken wings! Some good, some great, and some not good…

We got the chance to meet some really nice people. We talked to some about how the contests were run. We learned about how some people cook. 

The atmosphere was enjoyable.  Of course, there were the smells of all the different smoke flavors here and there and everywhere. I really liked how the people were hanging out with friends and family–having fun before the cooking really started.

Around the grounds there were banners flying.  They were by all the different teams. There were 77 teams that competed!  The Pork Pullin’ Plowboys won the Grand Champion title. I know what rub I am going to try next!

You can click this link to see the full results KCBS


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