I want to test it Fast Eddy’s By CookShack

The Holy Grail! I want this! I have seen this smoker in action. I have ate the tender slow smoked greatness that comes out. One word Perfect!

One of my best friends has one and has done his home work. He loves the set it and forget it during competitive BBQ contests.

The Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack FEC100 smoker is a 100% wood-burning, pellet-fired smoker with a Cookshack IQ4 electronic control system. The FEC100 is used by all types of barbecue operations. It meets requirements for all known barbecue competition sanctioning bodies. NSF approved. UL Listed Commercial Cooking Equipment.

I couldn’t say it better my self!

The picture is a link.
Cookshack Fast Eddys By Cookshack Stainless Wood Smoker
P.S. Hey Eddy send me one to test!

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