I Really Like Bacon… But not that much!

So as I was looking around on Twitter, I kept seeing Behold: Bacon–a COLOGNE that smells like Bacon.

Um no.

I really, really like bacon–but I would rather not spray on Bacon… How about cooking bacon and smelling like it?  I guess I should, at least, smell it to pass judgment…

Behold: Bacōn, the Cologne That Smells Like Bacon


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One Response to I Really Like Bacon… But not that much!

  1. Daniel says:

    Haha… At first I did not believe this post until I clicked on the site and saw it for my own eyes! You guys have to check it out, it would be a great gag gift for a police officer or any guy for that matter! Great post, love your site! Can’t wait for the grilling season to take off!