You Love BBQ, But (S)he Does Not…

This question was posed to me via an email from a reader.  It went like this.

Dan, I love barbeque but my spouse does not. Where can we go to both be happy?

This was a simple short question. Not the easiest to answer.

My first choice would be a place like Chili’s. This would be a good choice because they have some good commercial BBQ choices and are around most areas. I have had their Ribs–they are good for a BBQ fix! They offer a good steak selection along with a Pulled Pork sandwich.

They also have many non-Barbeque choices for the other people in your group. It is my opinion that most people could find a meal they would like that does not have BBQ involved.

My second choice for a readily available place to get a Barbecue fix and satisfy others that do not want BBQ, would be Applebee’s.  They have a little bit of everything for everyone. I have not tried Applebee’s BBQ choices, however I have had their Steaks and sides, which I liked.

Around Kansas City, and at most BBQ restaurants, you should be able to find a meal for someone who does not want BBQ. I would call and check before your next family meal. Keep checking my site for updates and I will put together a list of places to go eat!


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