We came, we saw, WE ATE!! Smoke in the Spring recap.

So, we loaded up at the end of last week and drove out to the Smoke in the Spring BBQ Contest in Osage City, Kansas.

After we arrived, we bought around $20 dollars of BBQ Bucks and walked around. They had a good map of all the Teams that were participating in the Taste of Osage. We ate some really great food! One of the standouts was an apple cinnamon sausage from Cygneture Barbeque.  If you ever have the chance to try it, don’t pass it up!

The Smoke in the Spring contest was great.  All the teams were close together and it felt like a big family party where everyone was having a good time! I really liked they way they set it up so the Teams could make a little money and where people could try all the great food the teams put together!

I highly recommend that you go to these events with your family to enjoy some great food and family time!


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