You want to start BBQin’ but don’t know want to Que on…

So summer is right around the corner and you are looking for a grill or a smoker but you don’t know what you want… Hopefully here you can find the answer!

I received this question via email.  He asked;  “Dan, I am looking for a smoker what should a get?”

I responded, “Well how much meat do you want to cook? How much do you want to spend? What fuel so you want to use?–here are your choices; Gas, Charcoal, Electricity.”

We emailed back and forth for awhile–hopefully I didn’t confuse him too much! I am going to try to make it clearer here.

For the weekly backyard griller or smoker I would recommend a Weber Style Kettle charcoal grill because you can cook Burgers and Dogs. You can also smoke small amounts of meat. As rule, I would stick to is less than half of the surface area of the grill so you can use coals pushed over to one side–unless you buy a product like the Smokenator.   ( I just got one from my Father-in-law.)

Barbeque Kansas City

The Basic Weber.


My Weber a great advanced weber.


A Propane Weber

For more smoking and less grilling, you may want an offset like a Brinkman, Oklahoma Joe’s, a Weber “Bullet”, or a “Trash Can” Smoker. Once again,  price and how much meat will play the role in what you will get. For small back yard cooking, I would go for a Bullet style…or an offset.

Brinkman off set

Weber Bullet style

Trash can 55 gallon drum smoker

Pellet smoker

OK Joe's Smoker Off Set

Inside Weber Bullet

cabinet smoker

To step it up a notch (because you are that good!) get into competition smoking.  You would want to look at a Good-one, a Cook Shack, the big green egg. I have seen many Trash can smokers: Weber bullets, and American Barbeque Systems in competition also.

The good one

The Cook Shack

Green eggs

American Barbeque Systems

I hope this helps! Send me any questions.


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