Behold: The Smokenator 1000!

After the last week of running around remodeling the kitchen and getting ready for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I now have a little bit more time to write some posts.

After the party, my father-in-law said “Come in here, I got something for you.” I went inside and opened a plain cardboard box and found a Smokenator 1000! With a Hover Grill!

This thing is neat and simple! All it really is, is a cut and bent piece of stainless steel with 2 holes and a rectangle that fits the Weber kettle really well. Since I had just finished cooking 50 to 60 Danburgers,  I still had some charcoal in the bottom of the Weber–so I moved them over to one side and installed The Smokenator 1000.  It took all of 10 seconds. As soon as I put it in I noticed how well it directed the heat and smoke up with the  design of the Weber lid.  It is easy to see how the smoke and heat will create a convection and roll smoke across the cooking surface to give an even heat and great smoke taste to whatever you are cooking. The website claims it holds enough charcoal for 6 hours of smoking.

The hover grill makes double your cooking area! ‘Keep it simple’ was what they were thinking when they did this! All it is, is a smaller grill with legs that sits on top of the the standard grill rack!

I talked with my father-in-law who used his Smokenator 1000 the other day. He said that it was easy to use and held 225 degrees without a problem. He really liked the results also. I plan on using mine later this week!


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