Restaurant Review: Big T’s BBQ

Big T’s Barbeque has 2 locations in Kansas City. My Rating 4.9 out of 5

One is in the South at 9409 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City – (816) 767-0905.
Their other location is closer to mid town at 6201 Blue Parkway, Kansas City – (816) 923-2278.

The Price is about $8-$10 per person. Great Daily Specials.

I have been to both many times.  The consistency between the two locations is spot on. I would have to rate them a 4.9 out of 5 and I will tell you why: I have learned that I need to call ahead to get my hands on Burnt Ends!

I really like “new cooked Barbeque” meaning cooked overnight and served the next day.  Big T’s is one of those places they are constantly cooking and they start the next day’s meat in the middle of the night. So the term “fresh” could be used.

Burnt Ends:  I love the chunks of burnt meat covered in T’s well seasoned sauce (Tomato Vinegar based). They serve the ends “open face” which means they lay down some white bread and pile on the meat so there is no way you can’t eat it with out a fork!  Then you get to eat the bread after it has soaked in the meat run-off and juices.  Awesomeness!

The Sausage–oh my!  Just the right spice and smoke combination. They give you about a foot of it and you can get it with fresh cut fries!

Sandwiches range from beef, pork, or turkey on bun or bread.  The taste is great and the size will leave you full!

They give you your money’s worth!  The portion sizes will surely have one visiting the heart center soon!…but that is a chance you will have to take.

When I am not cooking, Big T’s BBQ is my favorite place to go! Give it try!

Leave a comment after you have gone to Big T’s BBQ with your review!!

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