Project: Extra Large BBQ Smoker! Part 1

So a few months ago I came across a Craigs list ad for a Large old oil drum for free. Sight unseen I went out and picked it up. Wow it was big! Just what I always wanted! All I could see was the potential hiding inside.

So in my research, I now have a 275 gallon oil drum to turn into a smoker. I am a self taught welder so this may not be the nicest looking smoker in the world but it will do the job and do it well (I hope)!

I started off by opening up as much as I could for the front doors. 30″X60″ is the size of the opening I figure two side by side doors will give me good access to the 4 slide out cooking racks that will be inside.

After I opened up the front I started the cleaning process.

***I cannot express how important cleaning one of these containers out is. Since it held oil and oil is toxic you are going to have to take many steps to get ALL of it out!!*** (Or you will get sick.)

Step one, I poured kitty litter in there to dry it out and to soak up as much oil as I could.

Step two, I used a plastic squeegee on every inch of the inside to get down to metal and minimize the amount of fluid inside.

Step three, I gave it an acid wash and scrubbed the inside–this left a very thin residue of oil inside.

Step four, I used dish soap and a Scotch-Brite pad inside and out rinsed and repeated several times until I could say that I had removed ALL of the oil.

Step five, will be completed after all the welding is done and the entire inside and outside will be sand blasted, then it will be pressure washed and fired up for seasoning.  I will coat the whole inside with cooking oil and let it get up to a high heat and let the oil stick to the cooking surface. The outside will be painted with high temperature paint.

With the help of friends, I hopefully will be able to get this smoker going over the next couple of weeks. Here is what I have so far.

Be sure to hit up the store for some great deals!


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