Update project smoker!

We did some work on the smoker yesterday! As you can see it grew! I added a couple of Harbor Freight 8″ castors and 12″ legs to one side. A pair of 10″ 300 pound capacity tires with 18″ legs on the other and a 5/8″ axle.

After the fire box is attached, I will add another leg under it for one of the wheels to attach for stability.

I can’t believe how easy it rolls now! Since just the container weighs somewhere around 100 pounds, it was a pain to move around…

Hopefully I will get a steel delivery soon! So I can get to building the rest of it!


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2 Responses to Update project smoker!

  1. McRib says:

    Better get to crack-a-lackin cause your running out of time and then you have to do a practice comp cook at home.

    • admin says:

      I know! I need steel! I have the welder and the tools and no extra cash!! Hopefully my buddy come through tomorrow and drops off almost everything I need to finish it this week. Or I will be borrowing smokers just to get through Raytown…