Where have I been???

Well first off sorry for the long pause between posts things have been very busy around here with the start of summer and are first BBQ contest! That’s right our competition BBQ team went into full effect a couple of weeks ago and cooked in the Raytown BBQ summer fest! Go Chop Quey!

We have been working non stop building smokers and trying new ways to make the best barbeque on the planet! I’ll tell you what one of the best things about BBQ is eating some of the best food that I have ever had!

I am thinking about putting on a BBQ cooking class! Anyone want to come? Contact me Dan@barbequekansascity.com

We also are looking for sponsors. We will hang banners wear t-shirts and/or hand out flyers. For a full or part sponsorship. I am really looking hard for some BBQ control systems!


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