Meet Our Competition BBQ Team Chop Quey!

So as many of you know the purpose of the Barbeque Kansas City Blog is to give you information about whats going on around Kansas City’s vast BBQ scene. From restaurants to recipes and so on. One of the major points I wanted to do was to talk about taking my back yard barbeque to the next level.

It all started a few years ago after talking to one of my best friends about cooking which led into talking about competition BBQ. I was hooked. I needed equipment and recipes. I needed knowledge! So I watched from the sidelines and learned. I helped with loading after the contests and tried the left overs. I smoked pork, brisket, ribs, burgers and chicken what ever I could get my hands on! I collected and built smokers, tools, and equipment.

Then we took the plunge we signed up for our first contest!

At that point of signing up I didn’t have enough room to cook all the competition meat! So I made some calls and got a hold of a couple of 55 gallon drums. I made a couple of trips around town to collect parts and built a Ugly Drum Smoker! They only take a couple of hours to build and about 50 bucks!

A couple of weeks before the contest we did a full practice smoke. I made phone calls and did research. I started cooking at noon and prepped everything hours before. Since I had never cooked so much meat before I had to be careful and organized.

The contest, I spent the week before the contest loading and cleaning. Since I choose to go to the Raytown contest I was very close to home just in case I forgot anything I could run home or send someone to pick something up. We rolled in and started setting up at 9am on Friday. I am glad I got there early so I could take my time getting set up. Soon after we got set up we had meat inspection that was painless. I do wish I had made some time the day before to trim all the meat in the comfort of my home near the sink… But I just had ran out of time getting all this stuff ready! So we cut trimmed rubbed and marinated for a couple of hours. After that we got cleaned up and relaxed!

After midnight we started the fires and the the thunder storms started and the lack of sleep began to creep in! There is something about a storm and meat smoking that puts me into a nice sleepy mood! But, I powered through! I dosed in and out. I kept the temps under control all night long. Low and slow…

As the sun came up I began cooking chicken and ribs. Then I realized that I had started them over an hour early… Ops! The funny thing is it was the best chicken I have ever made! we got 12th! The Ribs turned out wonderful also 27th!

More to come!


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Meet Our Team!

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