Some Updates!

I had a few minutes to work out some updates today.

#1 I got rid of the drop ship Barbecue Kansas City Store! Why you ask? I really don’t think it work liked we need it to… I have a vision of what the Barbecue Kansas City Store needs to be. It will for now be a part of the main page of Barbeque Kansas City. It will be items that we make ie., Smokers, Grills, Meat, Sauce, and more!

Over the past six plus months I have learned a lot about Barbeque mostly how to make great Barbeque! I learned about what it takes to be a great competitive Barbeque cooker since we cooked in our first three contests! (we even got 3rd in pork at one of them) It takes a lot of work and equipment!

Soon I also hope to start catering I am putting together a price list and getting the equipment together!

Over the summer I built some really neat stuff! One Smoker I built is 8 feet tall! I almost have it ready to sell. I have cooked in it a few times one of the best smokers I have used! I call it the tower!

Hopefully I can sit down and do some great updates for you guys and gals out there! What do you what to know? send me an email


That’s all I got for now!



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