I am BACK!

Well you may ask where I have been… BUSY! We (Barbeque Kansas City also know as Chop Quey) have been cooking a lot!

Our summer in review the short version;

We started a competition Barbeque Team Chop Quey and went to our first contest. At the Raytown Missouri summer fest contest we learned what it was like to be in a BBQ contest. We also started learning what not to do! One thing to remember shredding really good tasting pork does not make really good looking pork!We also learned that it is a ton of work to get ready for a contest a ton of work while you are at the contest and a ton of work after you get home to clean up and so on… We finished low overall but had a lot of fun in the process!

Contest #2 the first annual Olathe Kansas contest. One word HOT! Shortly after we got done setting up the A/C went out in the camper! This was not what I had planned at all for a nice family weekend of cooking. I had to send Mrs. Chop, Lamb Chop, and Chop Jr. home at about 10pm because it was over 100 degrees in the camper. I was able to get a little sleep after getting the meat on the smokers with the help of Famous Davis who was a huge help throughout the summer! We ended up with a 3rd in pork! That was huge I will never forget that feeling! Over all I think we finished 12th not bad for our 2nd contest! ( It took $7.00 to fix the A/C)

Contest #3 Jesse James Days Kearney Missouri. 3 words Wet and Cold. Thick cool air is not something you want to cook with I like it when it is in the 75-85 degree range to cook outside. Not the case it was in the 50’s and raining… I fought smoker temps all night long! I did turn out ok meat but not the best I have ever made… We finished right in the middle in everything.

We haven’t just been cooking for contests!
We have cooked well over 1000 pounds of meat this season! We would have a hard time paying for all this meat with out catering here and there. We have found that catering is a great way to make the extra cash needed to buy meat and equipment. Also, it is a great way to practice. (I am working our catering price lists and I will publish it soon)

Projects, We have been building! I needed to be able to cook more meat at one time so I had to either try to save up thousands of dollars or I had to find something I could build on the cheap. I came up with a little (HUGE) Smoker I call “The Tower” for a Thanksgiving turkey sale I loaded it with 10 turkeys and 40 Pounds of turkey breast for a total weight of 200 pounds! and I still had room left! I will type up a post of how I made it soon!

Another project was the a grill I purpose built for hamburger and hotdog burning. I used the bottom 1/3 of a 175 gallon home heating oil drum to make a cooking surface of two and a half feet by almost five feet! 4 people can cook on it at the same time and not run into each other! It works awesome! I will post the build soon.

And of course lets not forget out the Ugly drum smokers that started it for me I have built a few and plan on building more soon. I am thinking of building them with a low cost power draft unit that I can control the temperature easier. I will let you know how that works soon!

Soon I hope to start a new Chop House build. I am looking into a 8.5 X 16 foot trailer that I can turn into a kitchen on wheel completely self contained!

That’s all I got for now!

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