BBQ Grill Project: The F.O.P. Grill

So, another build… I gained a sponsor Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 99 this summer and they helped me out for a contest. All they wanted was for me to burn some burgers and brats at the Police softball tournament known as Bacon Ball. But there was a problem all they had was an old gas grill that looked like it had been dropped off the back of a moving truck and thrown back up into bed to flop around…

So I had a mission. To build them a grill they would be proud to have out there and that would handle the large amounts of food and abuse.

I started with a 175 gallon home heating oil drum and looked at it for awhile and cut the bottom third off.

It was kind of gross in there so I pressure washed it and blew up my pressure washer in the process…

Then I found some legs at the local Home Depot they cut them to size and threaded them for me.

Harbor Freight for some lawn mower wheels. Metal by the foot for some flat expanded steel, angle iron and some heavy duty raised expanded steel for the charcoal to sit on.

I designed the grill racks to hinge off the back so I could tend to the fire and so I would not have to worry about someone else miss placing a grill grate.

Since it wasn’t the biggest project I put it all together and loaded it up with charcoal to attempt to burn off the old layers of paint and make sure there wasn’t any toxic stuff left in the cracks…

All I really did was make the paint brown and angry so I had to grind off all the rest of the paint.

I drilled five 1″ holes in the bottom and added a catch pan for the hot coals that drop out during the cook.

I painted it with a couple coats of High paint and cut some stencils out with my wife’s Cricut.

I made some nice handles out of an old two by two I had in the garage and stained it.

When I showed it to the membership board they loved it and bought it!


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