Old Ugly BBQ Trailer Build!

I really wanted to get a trailer that could house all my BBQ cooking and competition stuff all in one place. I just didn’t have the funds to go out and get one that was done. So I looked and looked craigslist ebay everywhere finally I found one that was in my price range. It was listed on ebay classifieds. It was just a few hours away so after a little email haggling. I got him down on his price.

I found a home built 1960’s enclosed trailer. I loaded the wife and kids up and drove 3 hours away to “take a closer look”. When I got up to it It was not the prettiest trailer I have ever seen but I could see what I wanted. I pointed out all the problems and talked him down another hundred…

There is not any dry wall in there! I am trying not to add weight till I have to add weight… It is 1/4″ coroplast or signboard. I got it at cost from a sign shop. It is plastic cardboard very easy to use and light. It cuts with a knife. I used a lot of it in model airplanes and so on.

This is what I have done so far.


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