Chop’s Full Power Injector System!

You asked now here it is!

This is the new Full Power Chop’s Power Injector System.

120 volts of injecting power!

After months of testing and tweaking we have done it! As Dr Frankenstein would say “IT’S ALIVE!!!!!” We sent the prototype to The Q39 restaurant to be tested in the harshest possible ways. It injected everyday 40 to 70 briskets. So we are sure it can handle what you want it to.

The Full Power system comes with 3 sets of needles the original 14 gauge 2″ needles, 3″ 12 gauge needles, 2.25″ 11.5 closed tip needles, metal needle adapters, 6 foot of removable injector hose, a removable 4 foot pick up tube with a strainer, 3 plug screws, and the needle protector. All of the hoses detach for storage inside the stainless steel box.

This Injector was designed to shoot liquid style injection. It had been made with food safety in mind although almost every part as been NSF approved the unit itself has not be been sent for NSF approval.


I will put the buy now via Paypal here you can also order via email and I will send an invoice. Please allow 2 days of build time. All orders will be shipped via 3 day usps.

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$350.00 plus shipping.

Thanks Chop!

Here are the other Injectors and spare parts.

Chop’s Power Injector Systems!

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