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These are the questions I hear when I tell people about my site. I am going to try to answer these questions.

First about me, my name is Dan or Chop what ever you prefer. I was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri, were I still live and work. I am not a writer. (if you couldn’t tell) I am 33 years old, I am married I have a 1 month old boy and a 3 year old daughter. I love my family and I want to spend as much time as I can with them. I love to Barbecue and cook. I like to experiment with what I cook and make it better. I like to build things in and around my house. I don’t pay people to fix my cars or my house i do it all myself or with the help of the neighbor kid.

I love to compete I have been racing model airplanes across the USA for the past 5 years and been flying for 20+. I have decided to cut back on flying because of the large amount of cross country travel and the tons of hours spent locked away in the garage away from family.

So, this brings us to why we have made this site. One reason was to show what it takes a beginner (us) to gear up and get into competition BBQ and do well. Also to give everyone the opportunity to comment or post information IE; recipes, how-to’s, and so on. Just send me a an email Dan@barbequekansascity.com with whatever you would like to see.

Another reason to have this site is to bring you Kansas City metro area Barbeque restaurants. I may never get to them all but I will enjoy them all! I will also be checking out all the barbecue equipment stores if you know of one let me know about it! Also, I am touring the different local contests. So stop us say hi tell me what you think about our site!

I put the classifieds and the forum as a easy way to sell and talk about stuff in the area and around the world! Go to the classifieds and put on your Meat, Rubs, Sauces, grills, Smokers, Trailers, or whatever you have for cooking, barbecuing. Other things you could post in the forum or classifieds could be welding or catering. I will be monitoring it so that we don’t get Spammers and thief’s on it.

We (my family and I) are going to enter our first competition this year I think it will be the Raytown Missouri BBQ contest since it is about 5 minutes from our house. So I hope to see you there!

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