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  1. John T says:

    hey the corn beef was excellent , let me tell ya i never liked corn beef til i had it smoked from you sirr
    looking forward to more great meat, keep up the good work.

  2. rick darrah says:

    Pit master is availble for work.
    Holy Smoke BBQ is closed and for sale.
    (block realty company in K.C.)
    I was the pit master / kitchen manager cooking on an Ole Hickory Pit smoker and now looking for work doing what I love. Competition Kansas City Style BBQ.
    Know anyone in your network that needs a pit master?

    Rick Darrah

  3. Jon says:

    Is it possible to purchase a new pump/handle?? My handle snapped off so need to replace it

  4. Has your full power chop’s meat injector been NSF approved yet?

  5. Do you have a specs sheet or some technical info you could e-mail me on the unit?

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