Project: Extra Large BBQ Smoker! Part 1

So a few months ago I came across a Craigs list ad for a Large old oil drum for free. Sight unseen I went out and picked it up. Wow it was big! Just what I always wanted! All I could see was the potential hiding inside.

So in my research, I now have a 275 gallon oil drum to turn into a smoker. I am a self taught welder so this may not be the nicest looking smoker in the world but it will do the job and do it well (I hope)!

I started off by opening up as much as I could for the front doors. 30″X60″ is the size of the opening I figure two side by side doors will give me good access to the 4 slide out cooking racks that will be inside.

After I opened up the front I started the cleaning process.

***I cannot express how important cleaning one of these containers out is. Since it held oil and oil is toxic you are going to have to take many steps to get ALL of it out!!*** (Or you will get sick.)

Step one, I poured kitty litter in there to dry it out and to soak up as much oil as I could.

Step two, I used a plastic squeegee on every inch of the inside to get down to metal and minimize the amount of fluid inside.

Step three, I gave it an acid wash and scrubbed the inside–this left a very thin residue of oil inside.

Step four, I used dish soap and a Scotch-Brite pad inside and out rinsed and repeated several times until I could say that I had removed ALL of the oil.

Step five, will be completed after all the welding is done and the entire inside and outside will be sand blasted, then it will be pressure washed and fired up for seasoning.  I will coat the whole inside with cooking oil and let it get up to a high heat and let the oil stick to the cooking surface. The outside will be painted with high temperature paint.

With the help of friends, I hopefully will be able to get this smoker going over the next couple of weeks. Here is what I have so far.

Be sure to hit up the store for some great deals!


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Review: Pork N Pit BBQ Lee’s Summit

Yummy! We went out the the other day to the Pork N Pit BBQ at 1803 Northeast Colbern Road, Lee’s Summit, MO.>

First off, this place is off the beaten path for most Kansas City people, but it is well worth the drive! We had the burnt ends basket. They have the choice of a basket or a sandwich.  Either way you are going to get enough food! By the way, if you order fries they come in the, “enough for 2 people” form so save yourself a buck or two. They also serve homemade cheesecake–there were many different flavors to choose from. Pork N Pit also has a family order that is 2 lbs of meat and 2 sides for under $24.

The burnt ends were great.  They also had a good hot and mild sauce at the table so you can put as much or as little as you want on whatever you want!

The place was very clean and the staff was nice. It gives the feel of a true family owned restaurant. The owner even came out and talked with us for a couple of minutes.

I really liked the Pork N Pit BBQ restaurant. Next time I am in the area of Lake Jacomo/Lee’s Summit I will stop by and get some more!


Cheap shipping at our store! WWW.BARBECUEKANSASCITY.COM !

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Product test! Green Diamond Rubs!

Phillip from Green Diamond Rubs sent us a Moroccoan-Style Rub to try out!

Using some green diamond rub!

The finish

Man it was so good…then I remembered: I forgot to take the final picture…

I think this was one of the best rubs I have tried! It was very well balanced and it worked really well with the hickory smoke. I even think it could make a good competition chicken rub.  I may have to get some more soon to try on a full bird!


P.S. don’t forget about our store!

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Review: The Filling Station in Lees Summit

So we decided to stop in at The Filling Station in Lees Summit the other day to give it a try. First impressions were very good. The outside was cute it looked like an old school gas station! The inside was neat too. It had soda shop style tables. There were all kinds of reproduction oil signs and gas station pictures and signs all over!

On to the food. I ordered the two meat combo ribs and burnt ends. They served sauce on the side. The sauce was ok, it was not a Kansas City style at all. It was like a glaze sweet with large chunks of different spices. The ribs were good lightly smoked and seasoned. They also did a good job on the burnt ends, again lightly seasoned and smoked.  They could have been burnt a little bit more…

Ms. Chop had a Pulled pork sandwich. She wasn’t happy with it. She felt it was dry. I tried it–it was a bit dry. She also had some good potato salad and and some really good coleslaw.

In my opinion, The Filling Station is an ok place to eat. I would like to see a little more passion in their food.  For example, by turning down the meat warmers so the meat would retain it’s moisture throughout the day. The staff could be a little nicer–everyone has their off day, but remember: this is a customer service business and a happy customer is a returning customer.

If you go by The Filling Station in Lee’s Summit, please let me know if you had a good experience!


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Discount Sale on Everything!!

Here we go, I have been pounding on these keys for days, to bring you some of the best deals I can find. I am passing them on to you!

I have discounted everything–almost to My COST! These are some of the lowest prices I have found. Come and get it!!  Pay via Paypal or Google Checkout!

Shop with safety and security with me! Support a small business!


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A Real Estore for Barbeque Kansas City!

Welcome to Barbecue Kansas City! The Store! <~~~ Click There!!

I will be adding stuff and working on but if you find something you can’t live without BUY IT HERE!!


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BarbeQue Kansas City Accessory Store Now Open!!

We have opened a STORE!!

Did you hear me?!?! WE HAVE OPENED A STORE!!

I have it set up on our Facebook fan site for now and we are working hard to bring it to the main site here at Barbecue Kansas City .Com! Hopefully, by the end of the week we will have it up and running!

Click here for the FaceBook version of the store!


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Don’t forget!

As I add more content, I want you to remember that this page is not the only page we have to offer on Barbecue Kansas City! At the bottom of the page there is a next page button.  There are close to 50 posts for your reading enjoyment!

The classifieds are up and running.  You have to pay 1 dollar (and that is to keep the spamers at bay).

The forum is up and running we need to start talking!

The contest calender is up-to-date hope to0.

See you out there!


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Behold: The Smokenator 1000!

After the last week of running around remodeling the kitchen and getting ready for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I now have a little bit more time to write some posts.

After the party, my father-in-law said “Come in here, I got something for you.” I went inside and opened a plain cardboard box and found a Smokenator 1000! With a Hover Grill!

This thing is neat and simple! All it really is, is a cut and bent piece of stainless steel with 2 holes and a rectangle that fits the Weber kettle really well. Since I had just finished cooking 50 to 60 Danburgers,  I still had some charcoal in the bottom of the Weber–so I moved them over to one side and installed The Smokenator 1000.  It took all of 10 seconds. As soon as I put it in I noticed how well it directed the heat and smoke up with the  design of the Weber lid.  It is easy to see how the smoke and heat will create a convection and roll smoke across the cooking surface to give an even heat and great smoke taste to whatever you are cooking. The website claims it holds enough charcoal for 6 hours of smoking.

The hover grill makes double your cooking area! ‘Keep it simple’ was what they were thinking when they did this! All it is, is a smaller grill with legs that sits on top of the the standard grill rack!

I talked with my father-in-law who used his Smokenator 1000 the other day. He said that it was easy to use and held 225 degrees without a problem. He really liked the results also. I plan on using mine later this week!


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You want to start BBQin’ but don’t know want to Que on…

So summer is right around the corner and you are looking for a grill or a smoker but you don’t know what you want… Hopefully here you can find the answer!

I received this question via email.  He asked;  “Dan, I am looking for a smoker what should a get?”

I responded, “Well how much meat do you want to cook? How much do you want to spend? What fuel so you want to use?–here are your choices; Gas, Charcoal, Electricity.”

We emailed back and forth for awhile–hopefully I didn’t confuse him too much! I am going to try to make it clearer here.

For the weekly backyard griller or smoker I would recommend a Weber Style Kettle charcoal grill because you can cook Burgers and Dogs. You can also smoke small amounts of meat. As rule, I would stick to is less than half of the surface area of the grill so you can use coals pushed over to one side–unless you buy a product like the Smokenator.   ( I just got one from my Father-in-law.)

Barbeque Kansas City

The Basic Weber.


My Weber a great advanced weber.


A Propane Weber

For more smoking and less grilling, you may want an offset like a Brinkman, Oklahoma Joe’s, a Weber “Bullet”, or a “Trash Can” Smoker. Once again,  price and how much meat will play the role in what you will get. For small back yard cooking, I would go for a Bullet style…or an offset.

Brinkman off set

Weber Bullet style

Trash can 55 gallon drum smoker

Pellet smoker

OK Joe's Smoker Off Set

Inside Weber Bullet

cabinet smoker

To step it up a notch (because you are that good!) get into competition smoking.  You would want to look at a Good-one, a Cook Shack, the big green egg. I have seen many Trash can smokers: Weber bullets, and American Barbeque Systems in competition also.

The good one

The Cook Shack

Green eggs

American Barbeque Systems

I hope this helps! Send me any questions.


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