I have been reading and learning!

I having been working on putting together some information for all you out there! Below you will find some GREAT downloadable books that will help bring your cooking to the next level!

Competition Bbq Secrets!
A barbecue instruction manual for the serious competitor and the back yard barbeque cook. Learn how to slow smoke ribs, chicken, butts, brisket, and turkey too! Click Here!

Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker.
Homemade barbecue smoker plans that are easy to follow and only require basic carpentry skills so anyone can build a smoker bbq oven. Generous commissions for any niche site about barbeque and outdoor cooking. Click Here!

The Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Back Yard BBQ!
In this 169 page ebook you’ll find everything you need to know about how to grill some of the most amazing, hard to find recipes from start to finish. Click Here!

Barbecue Secrets Revealed!
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Killer Bbq, Including Closely Guarded Secrets Of Competition-Level Barbecuers! Click Here!

1 Top-Secret Bbq Sauce Recipe.
Recipe For The Worlds #1 Bbq Sauce Recipe. Click Here!

Give a couple of these a try and tell me about the results!


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THE LIST. All the Barbeque in Kansas City & the metro area!

There are many reasons Kansas City is the Barbeque capitol of the world and here they are:  100+ BBQ restaurants!  And we have the best!  Do you not agree?

So, you want to eat good Que but you don’t know where to go…this is for YOU:  THE LIST. If you don’t see what you want, try searching for it!  I will be doing reviews and will be visiting all the different places. Hopefully, eventually, I’ll go to every one of these places.  I have already been to quite a few!

Find a red dot and click on it around where you want to eat.  If you are new in town, try some Big T’s! The WoodYard! Deke’s! Ritter’s! You will be happy!

View Larger Map

A. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ & Catering -3002 West 47th Avenue, Kansas City, KS (913) 722-3366 ‎

B. Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbeque -101 West 22nd St # 300, Kansas City, MO (816) 472-7427

C. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque -1727 Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, MO

D. Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ -4747 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO (816) 531-7427 ‎

E. L C’s Bar-B-Q -5800 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO (816) 923-4484 ‎

F. Jack Stack Barbecue -9520 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS (913) 385-7427 ‎

G. Jack Stack Barbecue: Martin City -13441 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO (816) 942-9141‎

H. Hayward’s Pit BBQ & Bar -11051 Antioch Road, Overland Park, KS (913) 451-8080 ‎

I. Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q -10440 East US Highway 40, Independence, MO

J. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque Catering -1702 Village West Pkwy, Kansas City, KS (913) 788-7500‎

For more, click on the map it will take you where you want to go! (It’s always a good idea to call to make certain a place is still open!)


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We came, we saw, WE ATE!! Smoke in the Spring recap.

So, we loaded up at the end of last week and drove out to the Smoke in the Spring BBQ Contest in Osage City, Kansas.

After we arrived, we bought around $20 dollars of BBQ Bucks and walked around. They had a good map of all the Teams that were participating in the Taste of Osage. We ate some really great food! One of the standouts was an apple cinnamon sausage from Cygneture Barbeque.  If you ever have the chance to try it, don’t pass it up!

The Smoke in the Spring contest was great.  All the teams were close together and it felt like a big family party where everyone was having a good time! I really liked they way they set it up so the Teams could make a little money and where people could try all the great food the teams put together!

I highly recommend that you go to these events with your family to enjoy some great food and family time!


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You Love BBQ, But (S)he Does Not…

This question was posed to me via an email from a reader.  It went like this.

Dan, I love barbeque but my spouse does not. Where can we go to both be happy?

This was a simple short question. Not the easiest to answer.

My first choice would be a place like Chili’s. This would be a good choice because they have some good commercial BBQ choices and are around most areas. I have had their Ribs–they are good for a BBQ fix! They offer a good steak selection along with a Pulled Pork sandwich.

They also have many non-Barbeque choices for the other people in your group. It is my opinion that most people could find a meal they would like that does not have BBQ involved.

My second choice for a readily available place to get a Barbecue fix and satisfy others that do not want BBQ, would be Applebee’s.  They have a little bit of everything for everyone. I have not tried Applebee’s BBQ choices, however I have had their Steaks and sides, which I liked.

Around Kansas City, and at most BBQ restaurants, you should be able to find a meal for someone who does not want BBQ. I would call and check before your next family meal. Keep checking my site for updates and I will put together a list of places to go eat!


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Love the smell of… Smoke in the Spring Barbeque contest

We have been talking about going to “Smoke in the Spring” in Osage City, KS on Friday evening.  It should be a good time!  They have a tasting going on Friday called:

*Friday, April 8 — Starting at 6:00pm  —  continues Until The Food Runs Out
*This is a special community event showcasing the teams of the Smoke in the Spring
*BBQ teams can sell any food product(s) during this event
*The public and BBQ teams use BBQ Bucks — $1.00 = One BBQ Buck
*BBQ Bucks are available to the public before the contest, on‐site Friday until 7pm, or until they run out

Sounds like a good way to have some good Que cheap!

All the details can be found here! Smoke in the Spring


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I Really Like Bacon… But not that much!

So as I was looking around on Twitter, I kept seeing Behold: Bacon–a COLOGNE that smells like Bacon.

Um no.

I really, really like bacon–but I would rather not spray on Bacon… How about cooking bacon and smelling like it?  I guess I should, at least, smell it to pass judgment…

Behold: Bacōn, the Cologne That Smells Like Bacon


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Pork Pullin’ Plowboys take the win!

So we went to our first BBQ contest as Barbeque Kansas City.  It was  at the Smokin’ On Big Creek Pleasant Hill BBQ contest! What a great time!  We got the chance to help out the People’s Choice Contest. We were volunteer servers and helped set up. We also helped eat some of the people’s choice pulled pork and chicken wings! Some good, some great, and some not good…

We got the chance to meet some really nice people. We talked to some about how the contests were run. We learned about how some people cook. 

The atmosphere was enjoyable.  Of course, there were the smells of all the different smoke flavors here and there and everywhere. I really liked how the people were hanging out with friends and family–having fun before the cooking really started.

Around the grounds there were banners flying.  They were by all the different teams. There were 77 teams that competed!  The Pork Pullin’ Plowboys won the Grand Champion title. I know what rub I am going to try next!

You can click this link to see the full results KCBS


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Smokin’ On Big Creek- Pleasant Hill BBQ contest

Do you need something to do this weekend AND support a good cause?  The Pleasant Hill Barbecue contest starts tomorrow Friday, April 1st, and is benefiting the United Way. There is also a canned food drive for the local community food pantry.

There are 72 teams competing this weekend in many categories, including People’s Choice, Kids Q (ages 5-15), and Dessert.  (m-m-m: Dessert!)

Friday night from 6:30-8:30 will be the People’s Choice awards contest. You pay $5 and can vote for your favorite wing and pulled pork. This is your chance to taste a lot of different competition barbeque.

This is going to be such a fun event!  I can’t wait to get the family out there tomorrow and eat some good BBQ. There will also be tethered hot air balloon rides sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

Check it out at www.smokinonbigcreekbbq.com

-Mrs. Chop

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Help support us: GET a shirt! …or something!

Come visit our store Barbeque Kansas City!

Tons and tons of stuff! Grab a shirt and help me promote!

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Barbeque Kansas City! Stop three of three.

Well, I think I saved the best for last!!

BBQ Fans! 312 E. US Highway 69, Claycomo, MO (816) 754-6774

I love this place! The price is right! Over the years that I have been barbecuing, I have noticed that the one thing that is holding me back was price. I finally found the place I will go to get that “thing” I need.

As I parked, I saw a Fast Eddy’s FEC100 CookShack sitting out front.  I knew I was in the right place!

Walking in, I saw Barbeque Stuff!  A lot of Barbeque Stuff!  Some I had seen at other places, but this stuff costs less!  I am like many of you–on a tight budget.  For sure, I will buy HERE, I may even see about  cooking here!  (More on that later…)  I talked with the staff for quite awhile about my Blog and about Competition. We talked about the cool BBQ stuff they have in their store. Overall, I found BBQ Fans THE place in the Kansas City area to shop for Barbeque stuff!

They sell grills, smokers and just about every accessory you could ever need!  Can you believe this?:  They also PERSONALIZE(!) lots of BBQ accessories for great gift ideas.  It’s true!  If you can’t find what you need in the store, they can find it and ship it to you!

I did buy a couple of items I couldn’t live without, but that’s a story for another post! I really hope you take this advice and go to the BBQ Fans store and check it out for yourself! I can’t wait to go back there to hang out and get some more BBQ tools!


BBQFans.com’s site


Store Front

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